villain  (vil-an),  n.
  • 1.a deliberate scoundrel, master of creativity.
  • 2.the villain drives the story.

Riot Games

LOR Seasonal Tournaments

Creating a brand of epic-scale for a bi-monthly tournament.

Riot Games


Creating a visual identity and brand bible for League of Legends' Northern League.


PokerStars VR

Creating a visual style for a game changing virtual reality experience!

1939 Games


Creating a nostalgic launch trailer and authentic in-game assets.


Power Play

A series of game feature videos in the style of Super Bowl replays.

Natural Motion

CSR2 Racing

Creating a high octane animated logo and brand guidelines.

Riot Games


A strong, iconic, emotive identity for the UK League Championship.


Power Up

Writing the story for a beautifully animated launch trailer.

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