Power Up

launch trailer

We were briefed to create an animated trailer to launch Power Up, PokerStars’ innovative new game. We developed a narrative that gave more depth to the universe, showing off Power Up’s features and exciting gameplay.

We had a deep understanding of the game after the character, power and table design work we’d already done. Using that knowledge we came up with the trailer concept, wrote the script and managed the project, giving daily creative direction to the production team at Golden Wolf who brought it to life.

power videos

Briefed to create a set feature video explaining each in-game power, we came back with the idea of doing them in the style of NFL / Super Bowl replays. The Power Play of the Day videos elevate Power Up to a global sporting event. Snappy banter of two casters discussing game footage explains the powers in play in key moments of a high roller game.

The project rolled out to seven feature videos all created and managed by Villain, including concept, script, 3D intro, reconstructed gameplay, VO recording, and editing.

final characters

table concepts

power concepts

More Work

Natural Motion

CSR2 Racing

Creating a high octane animated logo and brand guidelines.