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The spade brand mark is the pulsing heart of the brand we created for Vegas Infinite. Centred around an infinity loop we allude to the endless possibilities of the Vegas Infinite metaverse, and a tip of the hat to Pokerstars' heritage in its spade shape. This beautiful living version of the brand mark welcomes you into this jawdropping virtual Las Vegas experience.

We got playful with light and energy, illuminating it with fast moving light particles and refracted colour, releasing raw energy through the brand mark. It's the very first thing you see as you enter the metaverse, setting the expectation for what's in store. Welcome, we've saved you a seat!

launch trailer

Perfectly Formed

The spade brand mark is strong, clean and iconic. It's a simple shape that neatly represents the endless entertainment possibilities at your fingertips, and the metaverse's constant evolution.

Meet the Family

logo family

We built out the brand mark into a broad logo family, created in three colourways and adapted for all possible in-game and marketing uses.

We built a comprehensive toolkit of bespoke splash backgrounds, frames, dividers and feature graphics - everything Lucky would need to take the brand and run with it. It contains over 120 custom brand assets for designers to play with.

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