Don't Nod

Lost Records: Bloom & Rage

bloom & rage logo

Don't Nod, the team behind Life is Strange, asked us to brand their gorgeous new franchise: Lost Records. Core to the overarching narrative of Lost Records is a mysterious woodland abyss that we placed at the logo's centre, its magnetic field twisting and distorting the logo letter forms. The master logo is built with iteration in any genre in mind and it's ready to be adapted to each Lost Records game.

Bloom & Rage is the first game in the series, the story switching fluidly between 1995 and 2019. To evoke feelings of 90s nostalgia, we treated the logo with VHS distortions, playing with visual glitches, warping and RGB colour shifts. The game is enriched by its authentic use of Riot Grrrl and girl punk aesthetics, which we also fed into the treatment of the games logo.

We carried the VHS idea through to the brand book, where we presented the pages as if they had been recorded on Swann's camcorder and played back on an old CRT television. Each page plays with punk collage, layering the beautiful assets and using authentic grungy photocopier effects.

animated logo

We brought the glitch effect to life in the animated logo, with the scanlines subtly distorting and larger pulls and flashes on the sides of the letters. Here it is at the end of the brilliant reveal trailer, lovingly created by Don't Nod.