PokerStars VR 2022 Trailer

premium trailer

With the meteoric success of PokerStars VR, the game's universe is ever expanding. We continue to partner with PokerStars and Lucky VR creating a dynamic new trailer to showcase the game's new features, including a better than life virtual Casino. Using complex camera techniques we achieved sweeping shots of the jaw-dropping environments, all shot in VR and then embedded neon 3D captions.

We designed a luxury Art Deco-esque logo for Casino One, and created elegant neon sub brands for four additional game offerings - The Club, The Paint, Rewards and the PokerStars VR Tournament. To help steer an ever evolving brand, we were asked to write and build a beautiful Brand Bible that offers guidance and inspiration to all designers creating assets for this stunning game.

casino one logo

sub brand logos

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