PokerStars VR

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Our relationship PokerStars VR began by designing its brand identity. With the game's meteoric success, the universe is ever expanding, and we continue to partner with PokerStars and Lucky VR with brand development, and trailer creation.


tv spot

With only three weeks to create a US TV spot, we needed to think big and think fast. We developed a punchy typographic treatment that interacted with the game footage, calling out key phrases in the VO to really sell the games’ key features.

space theme trailer

This trailer announced the exciting new space station environment. We’ve also produced a series of update videos, keeping Pokerstars VR’s active community up to speed with the games constant evolution.


To protect a rapidly growing brand, we built a comprehensive Brand Bible and Tool Kit, designed to give inspiration and guidance to all creating Pokerstars VR assets. We also designed a luxury brand for Casino One, and created stylised sub brands for four new in-game programs - The Club, The Paint, Rewards and the PokerStars VR Tournament.

casino one logo

Fortais Travel Poster
Lande Extermination Poster
Galaxy Space Station Poster

in-game posters

More Work

Riot Games

LOR Seasonal Tournaments

Creating a brand of epic-scale for a bi-monthly tournament.